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Bow Meow Blueberry

Bow Meow Blueberry
Bow Meow Blueberry
Bow Meow Blueberry

Chewable Tablet for Pets Eye Health!


  • Developed by the product development team of BLUEBERRY-EYE, based on the pet owners request

  • Contains Nordic wild bilberry extract

  • Contains chicken extract and beer yeast extract

Bilberry Extract
Chicken Extract
Beer Yeast

62 Tablets Net Wt 0.67 oz (18.6 g)

Chicken Flavor
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Main Ingredients

Bilberry Extract, Chicken Extract Powder (contains Chicken), Beer Yeast (contains Soybean)

*Only dogs and cats with food allergies after conforming the raw materials of the product. Discontinue feeding if any adverse reactions occur and consult your veterinarian. 

This product was created by pet owners for pet owners.

Through multiple discussions and trials regarding formulation, form and package design etc., we finally developed this product together with more than 300 pet owners.

Most of the respondents of questionnaires answered that the eye health of their dogs/cats is their biggest concern.



Bow Meow Blueberry is born!

Bow Meow Blueberry

I’m a frequent user of BLUEBERRY-EYE,

so I started feeding it for my dog right after it was launched!

I expect that it would be good for cataract and eye mucus, because it contains the same Nordic wild bilberry as BLUEBERRY-EYE. I was surprised how much she loved it! We will continue our eye health routine together.

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​Owner's Testimonials!

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Bow Meow Blueberry

Dedicated to better health

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