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Nurture the big hearts of children today for a better future.


With learning through doing, we teach children in preschools, kindergartens, and elementary schools how to plant and harvest blueberries, and how to use them in cooking. We also teach about healthy eating habits and the importance of your eyes.


We hope that children will discover the importance of nature, the joy of cultivation, and the sensation of eating berries you harvested yourself — and learn about eye health. Through that we believe we can protect the environment and the smiling faces of children.


Our eye health classes are divided into three categories: tree-planting, food education, and vision education.



Classes for Eye Health


By planting blueberry trees, children learn the joy of cultivation and grow gentle hearts, which connects to the next era by teaching them the importance of our environment.

Food Education

Through practical cooking classes with fresh blueberries (during harvest season), children learn the joy and delight of eating, and the great health benefits of blueberries.

Vision Education

As a company that supports healthy eyes, we do a variety of activities to raise awareness of eye health. We hold classes in vision training, which convey the importance of your eyes and which schools can implement into their curriculum.

As of January 2016, we have held a total of 470 eye health classes in the last nine years, and a total of 30,000 children have participated in them.


All of our classes are completely free. We pay for all expenses, including travel fees and materials used. There is no monetary burden for the schools. We only wish to teach the joy of learning about eye health through practical classes.

Dedicated to better health

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