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Description of Our Business

Our story begins with you and extends your health into the future.

The name of our company, WAKASA SEIKATSU, means “youthful life.” This name illustrates our desire to offer a healthy and youthful life to our customers. Since our foundation 20 years ago, one thing that hasn’t changed is the heart of our company: All we do, we do for our customers.

Our mission is to create better products that will improve health for as many people as possible. In Japan, we have reached three million households so far.

Our business areas include
•    BLUEBERRY-EYE and other supplements
•    Beauty products
•    Medical supplements and foods
•    Foreign trade
•    Women’s professional baseball

BLUEBERRY-EYE and other supplements

BLUEBERRY-EYE was born from our fervent desire to create the best supplement for eye health in Japan.

In search of the ultimate blueberry, we found the Nordic wild blueberry known as “bilberry.” It is the main ingredient in BLUEBERRY-EYE, which is used in three million Japanese households.

As the top maker of blueberry supplements, our most important responsibility is to continue to offer products with the highest quality ingredients.

ブルーベリーアイ かご.png.jpg

We have improved the BLUEBERRY-EYE formula 18 times, as we continue to research and develop supplements that offer the strongest benefits to our customers. We have also developed nano technology, studied our raw ingredients in their natural habitats, and have received awards from Monde Selection in our quest to create excellent products.

Our supplements focus on eye health alongside overall care for the mind and body. As with our BLUEBERRY-EYE, all of our supplements provide the highest quality of natural ingredients which provide comprehensive support to our customers’ health.

Our supplements support four areas of health:

BLUEBERRY-EYE for overall eye health.

Eye Support for specific eye concerns.

Body Support for ongoing maintenance and long-term health.

Resveratrol Products for beauty.

Beauty products

A more youthful you supported by ten years of resveratrol research. 
The “melumo” brand.

In the same habitat as the central ingredient, bilberries, in our flagship product, BLUEBERRY-EYE, live the bright red berries known as lingonberries. For ten years we have been researching their hidden power to preserve and reveal youthful beauty. The key ingredient in these berries is “resveratrol.”

We are a company that supports youthful health through our “melumo” brand, which offers beauty supplements and cosmetics based on the power of resveratrol. Through these products, you can enjoy the benefits of resveratrol in your daily life.

Medical supplements and foods

As the top producer of blueberry-based supplements, we have expanded our products into the medical field.

When we have an illness, we look to medicine to save us. But our company wondered if there was something we could do to prevent the illness from ever existing, and so we developed supplements that would help protect our customers from developing health problems.

Both doctors and patients want to avoid illness, so that shared goal has helped us partner with medical institutions like eye clinics and pharmacies to sell exclusive prevention supplements nationwide.

We also sell food made from local ingredients in Kyoto, where we have our company headquarters.

Foreign trade

We aim to be the No. 1 blueberry and overall eye health company in the world.

In 2007, we established a satellite office in Helsinki, Finland. Since then, we have steadily increased our overseas activities and the importation of goods from Europe. 

Right now, we are expanding our overseas operations to Europe and the entire world while we are also building sales operations in major Asian countries.

Women’s professional baseball

Providing a stage for the dreams of female baseball players.

In 2007, there were a mere five high schools in Japan with girls’ baseball teams, and there was no tournament environment in which they could play. Even so, these girls let their desire to play baseball lead them.

We wanted to support their dreams. We are a company that loves to support big hearts and we felt compelled to support these girls.

As a result of our shared goals, the Japan Women’s Baseball League was established in 2009, providing dreams, hopes, and support to all who admire the world of professional baseball.

From here on, we will not just manage women’s professional baseball, but prioritize and seek out ways to expand and grow it.

Dedicated to better health

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