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The history of BLUEBERRY-EYE

We believe that people's needs change over the years, according to the environment that we live in. With this belief, we have constantly looked at what is needed at that specific time and listened to our customers' voices.

As a result, our Flagship product, BLUEBERRY-EYE, has been improved 18 times since our company foundation. We are proud to be able to answer to our customers and to keep on having the spirit to work towards the best. 

We call the improvements we make in our products "Power-up," and we would like to show you how BLUEBERRY-EYE has evolved over the years.  


April, 1998


  • 30 softgel capsules per package

  • 80mg of Bilberry Extract

BLUEBERRY-EYE is unique where it includes ingredients not only for the eye, but also ingredients that help support immunity, the process when delivering the nutrients through the body and the connection with the eye and the brain. 

Because we have pride with what ingredients we use, we want our customers to have the full benefits possible. There would be no use if the nutrients are not absorbed or delivered properly throughout the body. Therefore we have acquired two patents for easier absorption into the body, and have included ingredients for supporting digestion in the intestine and to have a smoother blood flow to deliver the nutrients throughout the body. 

We have also included ingredients specifically to support the brain function. Once we catch light from our eyes, the information is turned into an electric signal and is sent to the brain through the optic nerve. Without the brain, we cannot see, and therefore it is crucial to support the brain function along with the eye. 

BLUEBERRY-EYE is more than just an eye care supplement focusing only on the "eye" itself, but a "vision" supplement where it supports the whole process from before the nutrients are carried to the eye, to after the information from the eye is sent to the brain.

Below is a list of ingredients that were newly added throughout the power-ups. 

Main eye health ingredients of BLUEBERRY-EYE 



The Nordic wild bilberries are rich in anthocyanin, which are known for maintaining eye health, and  contains five times more of  that than the cultivated blueberries. 



A patented technology, the very first in the world to miniaturize particles (nano-sizing) without affecting the active component of bilberry, anthocyanin.



An ingredient that exists in the lens of the eye and the macular. It is called the “natural sunglasses” due to blocking UV light from the sun.


Blackcurrant (Cassis)

Contains particular anthocyanin that will support the accommodation function of the eye.



A red pigment with a strong antioxidant power found in salmon and salmon roe. It helps reduce persistent fatigue. 


Hyaluronic Acid

An ingredient that is said to be able to hold 6L of water with just 1g. This helps keep the eyes and skin moisturized.

List of other health supporting ingredients from timeline



An herb long  known for a supporting eye health.   


Vitamin B2

A vitamin that is necessary for various growth development and beauty such as healthy skin, hair and nails.



Exists in various places in the body and has an important role of holding cells together and maintain its elasticity. It also helps cells to regenerate and is crucial to keep your body youthful.


Ginkgo Leaf Extract

An ancient plant that is called the “living fossil.” The extract from the gingko leaf with its strong vitality, helps support the blood flow.


Lingonberry /


Lingonberries are red berries found in Northern Europe

and are rich in resveratrol, an ingredient known for anti-aging. 


Lactic Acid Bacteria

Included in many fermented food such as cheese and yoghurt. It helps support the intestinal environment and improve immunity. 

コエンザイムQ10 (化学式).png


Changes sugar, fat and protein from food into energy. It generates energy that we need to live and helps support an energetic everyday life.

ビタミンB12 (化学式).png

Vitamin B12

A vitamin that is necessary to support the bases for health and beauty, and is crucial for the nerves and preventing pernicious anemia.



Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is a polyunsaturated fatty acid found abundantly in blue fishes. It helps boost the work of the nerve system and the brain function.


Vitamin C

As it helps sustain the health for the skin and the mucous membrane, it has various abilities such as enhancing the immunity system and beauty.


Canadian Blueberries

A blueberry that is only harvested once in two years,  and is rich in 21 different anthocyanin.


Rosmarinic Acid

A polyphenol found in spearmint, lemon balm, and shiso leaf. Research has shown that it helps maintain the brain health and its function.  




A pine bark extract which has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.


Rice Germ Oil

An oil that is produced when refining rice. It is expected to lower the cholesterol and to help lead towards fair skin.



Has a role like a map to design our body. By taking it as a health ingredient, it enhances the regeneration of the cells.



A type of Amino acid, and has a reputation for its effects on

stress relief. 



Abundant in polyphenols, calcium, fiber and iron. It is called the "The miracle of Brazil."



It is abundantly found in tears and helps enhance the immunity system and helps with the intestinal environment.


Blueberry Leaf Extract

Rich in polyphenols.

Protects the eye from dry air. 


Ingredients that we have included in the past. 

Ingredients that are currently used. 

Dedicated to better health

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