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Medical Supplements: Our Answer to Patients and Doctors Alike

“In order to protect eye health, patients need proper food and nutrition,” said a doctor. “But I can’t treat them until their symptoms worsen.”

“I want to keep my eyes healthy,” said a patient. “I want to take something that will ease my worries.”

To answer the wishes of both patients and doctors, we launched our medical supplements, a series of supplements exclusive to medical institutions.

The Role of Supplements in Health Science

Thanks to medicine, life expectancy continues to rise. In Japan, 25% of the population is 65 or over. But the sudden rise in medical costs and the collapse of health insurance systems can cause anxiety.

Japan is known as a country with a long life expectancy, but the difference between our life expectancy and our healthy life expectancy (the period when you are independent and not bed-ridden) is substantial.

In order to lead healthy lives, the idea of treating illness has changed to the idea of “health science,” which emphasizes discovering and preventing illness early on to promote health. This way of thinking is not just for doctors but has become something the public is aware of, too.

Using supplements has become a frequent contributor to a healthy life. Research into folk remedies and eating habits along with increased knowledge of foods and ingredients has confirmed that supplements are effective and safe.

Those ingredients are not used in supplements that work alongside medicine to prevent illness and support a healthier daily life.

Illness is something to cure, but supplements can help prevent us from succumbing to illness in the first place. Our supplements help people lead longer and healthier lives.


Our Medical Supplements

Our line of medical supplements includes four products:
•    Resveratrol Pro for skin elasticity and moisture
•    Lutein Pro for eye health
•    Blueberry-Eye Pro for clear vision
•    Glucosamine & Chondroitin Pro for smooth joints

Dedicated to better health

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