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Meeting Customers Directly: Giving Thanks and Receiving Feedback

Tomo no Kai gatherings and thanksgiving festivals provide an opportunity for us to directly express our gratitude.

Because we are a mail-order company, we don’t often meet our customers directly, which is why we are so dedicated to the services we provide.

In order to meet the customers we don’t usually see, we hold friendly gatherings called Tomo no Kai and occasionally celebrate with thanksgiving festivals. These events allow us to have face-to-face communication with our customers and directly express our gratitude to them. We always have a lot of attendees and are happy to hear their feedback.

Tomo no Kai

We hold Tomo no Kai gatherings nationwide so that we can meet our customers directly in a friendly setting. We prepare things like health quizzes and eye exercises so that the attendees will enjoy themselves and learn new things.

We introduce eye exercises and other workouts for daily health.

We hand out leaflets about research results and other health information.

Customers can try out different products at our supplement booth.

WAKASA Happy Troops

We not only create events for our customers but also with our customers. These volunteers are called the WAKASA Happy Troops. 

These volunteers are important to us since we hold Tomo no Kai gatherings throughout Japan and local WAKASA Happy Troops both help us with the practical aspects of the events along with helping to deepen the relationship between our company and our customers.
They also lend a helping hand in our other activities like fundraising for guide dogs, picking blueberries, and organizing healthy cooking classes.

Thanksgiving Festivals

The “Thanksgiving Festival” is held every few years in order to show gratitude to customers across the country who are regularly purchasing our products. Typically, this event includes health lectures by President Kakutani, music concerts, supplement trial services, and more activities to show appreciation for our loyal customers.

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Dedicated to better health

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