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Message from the Company President

When I was a child, I was in and out of the hospital because of a brain tumor. At the age of 18, I underwent a serious operation that took 17 hours. I survived the operation, but lost more than half of my sight because the part of my brain controlling sight was damaged in the procedure. At the time, I was attending university as a scholarship student, but had to give up on school because of my disability. So, I started working at a health food company.

I had only one dream: no matter how long it took or how much money was necessary, I wanted to be able to see again. Finally, I went to one of the best eye doctors in Japan, but was told that I would never recover. I was 20 years old at the time and was terribly shocked by the harsh news. Nevertheless, I decided it was no use getting depressed and decided to get on with my life.

Over the next three years I worked to save money to pay for the operation on my eyes. With that money, I decided to found a health food company, hoping to help other people with health concerns. While creating health products for my customers, I continued searching for things that would help and improve my sight. Discovering that blueberries are very good for the eyes, I decided that I wanted to produce the best blueberry products. We spent a lot of time searching for the best raw materials and crafting the optimum composition in order to produce high quality blueberry health products. Our principle is that we only sell our customers products we ourselves use on a daily basis. In 1998, we were confident in our research results and began our mail-order company, WAKASA SEIKATSU.

WAKASA SEIKATSU’s goal is to be the best producer of blueberry health products in the world. During my 20 years in this industry, I have been involved with countless customers and have had thousands of opportunities to meet people at health-related conferences and events. Talking with customers face to face is what I enjoy most about my work. The positive feedback we have received has also given me confidence in crafting excellent products for our customers. I am certain that we will never give up on improving our products to help people with health concerns.

President of Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd.

Dedicated to better health

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