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One day in 2003, a new employee proposed an idea:


"How about we collaborate with customers on social contribution activities, and not limit philanthropy to the company's efforts only? If we use one yen from every product purchased, there won't be any burden on the customers, but they will still be contributing, right?"


We had already been involved in social contribution at the time, but with this way of thinking, we thought we would be able to help even more. With every customer contributing one yen towards those who worry about eye health, we can support their eyes with love.


In that moment the One Yen Eye Fund was born.


We will continue to value the relationship with our customers, and aim towards being a company that can contribute to society with love.

—Kenichi Kakutani, President of WAKASA SEIKATSU

One Yen Eye Fund

The One Yen Eye Fund was founded in January 2003. Its money goes towards things like orphanages, the Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, and the Marathon for the Visually Impaired. It is the cornerstone of our social contribution activities.


From each product sold, we donate one yen to the fund. In addition, the profits from our books, our Blueberry Ribbon Charity Badges, and the "berry points" that customers accumulate also go towards the fund.

The total amount donated in the last 15 years is over 190,000,000 yen, which is more than 1.5 million euros or US dollars.

Blueberry Ribbon Charity Badge

By buying and wearing our Blueberry Ribbon Charity Badge, you will contribute to society.

We created these badges to gain understanding and sympathy, and all the profits go towards the One Yen Eye Fund.

Dedicated to better health

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