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Our Goal: To be No. 1 in the supplement industry for quality

We aim to be No. 1 in the supplement industry for quality.

Everything we do, we do for our customers.

WAKASA SEIKATSU was founded on April 23, 1998 with these two central tenets:

We want to deliver truly great products.
We want to help as many people as possible to be healthy.


Our motto has always been “Everything we do, we do for our customers.” This attitude will always be an essential part of our company and help us focus on our goal: to become No. 1 in the supplement industry for quality.

Product Quality

We aim for high quality in our products by conducting thorough quality control to ensure that our customers are satisfied and have peace of mind.

Our products are created based on President Kenichi Kakutani’s belief that “if we can’t consume it every day ourselves, then we can’t sell it to our customers.” It’s a belief that drives us as we identify raw ingredients, research their uses, and develop new products.

In order to create truly great products, we search all over the world for the very best ingredients. And we take our work very seriously.


research, lab testing

For us, it’s not just about getting as many great ingredients as possible into a capsule or a tablet; we also work towards identifying the best mixture of ingredients. Through trial and error, we discover how different ingredients work together to have the best impact on our health.

Quality Control

We check the raw ingredients, the finished capsules, and the finished products with both machines and our own eyes.

lab test

Only the ingredients, capsules, and packages that pass our strict quality control make it to the next stage. Such quality control might seem unnecessary since supplements are something you consume, but we also want to pass on best practices to the next generation.

For example, we check capsules for leaks, cracks, and irregularities in size. We check that the bilberries we use in BLUEBERRY-EYE contain the correct amount of anthocyanin, the active ingredient. We even have a branch office in Finland where the berries come from, and we go there ourselves every year to check their quality and supply in the vast forests where they grow.

New employees at WAKASA SEIKATSU visit our manufacturing plants to see the high quality with their own eyes so that they can assure customers that our quality control is top of the line. 

We also follow good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines. The environment in which our products are developed has an official GMP certificate, which ensure that our manufacturing areas are clean, regulated for temperature and humidity, and thoroughly documented.

Customer Service

Our goal to be “No. 1 in quality” and our motto, “everything we do is for our customers” extend beyond product quality. We also believe in high quality customer service, including listening to feedback and responding quickly to new information.
With new products, we start by creating the story of the product. We think about how we want to improve your health and then build a story that will help our customers have a better understanding of that product. Each of our products have their own story so that each one can make an impression on our customers’ hearts.

Our products and their stories are constantly evolving. From the beginning, we have sought to improve our products regularly in response to developing research and customer feedback.

Leaning in and listening to our customers means that we read all our customers letters, postcards, and emails, and listen closely to them when they call. All those messages help us identify starting points for improving our products.

We also value speed. As soon as we notice changes in the times, the environment, and our customers, we work to update our products quickly to reflect those changes.

As an example, our flagship product, BLUEBERRY-EYE, came on the market in 1998, and since then we have improved it 18 times. Some of these improvements come from emerging research, like adding more eye-health-related ingredients, and some of these improvements come from customers, like adding lactic acid bacteria to help with digestion.

Our goal—to be No. 1 in quality—is something we will always strive for.

Dedicated to better health

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