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Our Story in Numbers

3,200,000 households

use our products. (Data from Sept. 2019)


Thanks to all of you, our products continue to reach more people nationwide.

81,947 customers we have met

face-to-face(Data from Sept. 2019)


In order to lean in and listen to our customers’ feedback and respond to their concerns, we host events where our employees and customers can interact face to face.

4,196 WAKASA Happy Troops (Data from Sept. 2019)

WAKASA Happy Troops are customers who help staff our Tomo no Kai gatherings and thanksgiving festivals.

513 Monde Selection Awards

16 years in a row(Data from Sept. 2019)


Since 2004, we have participated in Monde Selection every year and are honored to have received awards for every single product entered into the competition.

154 product improvements including

18 power-ups to BLUEBERRY-EYE

(Data from Sept. 2019)


Our products are not just a single creation. When research advances and when we discover new, powerful ingredients, we adjust our formulas so that our product is always cutting-edge.

126 academic presentations (Data from Sept. 2019)


In order to inform our customers and help them lead healthier lives, we constantly seek out new ingredients, engage in research, and develop new and improved products.

1,313 medical institutions

deal our medical supplements. (Data from Sept. 2019)


Through our products, we have built trusted relationships with medical institutions nationwide.

203,916,432 yen

have been donated  to the "One Yen Eye Fund". (Data from Sept. 2019)


One yen from all products sold, and a part of the revenue from our published books and charity goods, go toward the One Yen Eye Fund.

940,410,000 yen

donated to disaster victims. (Data from Sept. 2019)


We choose to help as many people as possible and support those who work hard toward their dreams.

128,511 postcard replies

sent to customers. (Data from Jan. 2013–Sept. 2019)


Since our foundation, we have taken the time to hand-write replies to every customer letter and postcard we have received.

678 improvements based on customer feedback. (Data from Sept. 2019)


We value our customers and what they have to say, so we look to them for guidance to improve our products and services.

103 professional health advisers (Data from Sept. 2019)


In order to truly be able to answer health questions and offer sincere advice, we have professional health advisors who have substantial professional qualifications earned outside of our company.

63% of managers are female (Data from Sept. 2019)


The percent of women in managerial positions in Japan is still low, but at WAKASA SEIKATSU, we have nearly as many female managers as male managers, which means we respect anyone qualified for leadership positions, regardless of gender.

100% of employees return to work after maternity leave. (Data from Sept. 2019)


Our employees who have taken maternity or childcare leave have all returned to work. Our employees feel happy to return because they work in a warm and welcoming environment.

665,643,461 yen

from intracompany sales. (Data from Sept. 2019)


Through our internal sales, all of our employees are able to take our supplements daily so that they can convey the merits of our products to our customers.

Dedicated to better health

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