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Professional Health Advisers: Eye, Beauty, and Health Experts

Since we want to be the best supplement company in terms of quality, we should train professional health advisers and bring those benefits to the customers.

Those were the words of President Kenichi Kakutani, so we established the Professional Health Adviser Unit.

We employ over 80 professional health advisers. They answer the questions and respond to the concerns of our customers. Our mission is to serve each and every customer individually, and our advisers help us meet that goal.

Here at WAKASA SEIKATSU, we receive orders every day, but also requests for advice. We answer all kinds of health questions individually and feel fortunate to be able to serve our customers in this way. We aim to be the No. 1 supplement company in terms of the quality of our products and our customer service.

Professional Health Adviser Qualification System

We established the “Professional Health Advisor Qualification System” to ensure that our advisors are qualified. In order to pass, all trainees complete a written exam and give a presentation. 

Professionals can train to become one of three types of health advisors:

•    Eye Care Adviser: Gives advises on products, ingredients, medicine, and eye symptoms. Serves as an eye expert both inside and outside the company.
•    Beauty Adviser: Gives advice on products, scent, skin health, and body odor. Advises on beauty and fragrance.
•    Total Health Adviser: Gives advice on all health concerns. Serves as an overall health expert both inside and outside the company.

A Wide Variety of Health Experts

Some of our advisers have outside qualifications like those of a supplement adviser, nutritionist, pharmacist, aromatherapy adviser, and pharmaceutics doctorate.

Below are some messages from our professional health advisers.

Akemi Akita

– nutritionist

– supplement adviser

I joined Wakasa Seikatsu in 2001, at the age of 50. I wanted to find something I could give my all. But I felt very distressed over the difficult phone support and all the studying every day.


Then, the words of a customer changed me: "I can really feel that you are putting a lot of effort into this. I have high hopes for your growth." I felt I can not betray this customer, and thus studying became fun. These words still support and encourage me.

Naoko Nishio

– national registered dietitian

I give advice on lifestyles and eating habits with the customer's age in mind.


The first step towards a healthy life is to get balanced nutrition from your everyday meals. I help customers develop proper eating habits and adjust my advice to fit each person's needs.

Kenjirō Ogawa

– PhD in pharmaceutics

I zealously research lingonberries, the berry that will take the Nordic throne after the bilberry.


In university I researched bilberries and the health benefits of anthocyanin, which I also did when I started working here at Wakasa Seikatsu. Recently I began researching lingonberries and their effects on eye health and beauty.


From now on I will research cosmetics that support the body's external health. Through eye and skin health, I wish to bring shining smiles to as many people as possible.

Mayumi Ikeda

– aromatherapy adviser

– supplement adviser

I talk about the power of rose fragrance and suggest scents that fit the customer's needs.


Aromas can adjust the balance of your body and mind, and I recommend skillful use of them to everyone. Besides aromas, I also give advice on herbs and skin care.

Dedicated to better health

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