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Social Contribution

Social Contribution Activities

Here at WAKASA SEIKATSU, we have been active in contributing to society every since our founding days.


On August 8, 2016, WAKASA SEIKATSU and its president, Kenichi Kakutani, established a general incorporated foundation “Kenichi Kakutani Foundation” to expand the range of support on social contribution activities. Through this foundation we will continue to work toward the independence of those who face difficulty, work hard to cultivate the rich mind of children, and contribute to the development of local communities.

One Yen Eye Fund

One yen from all of our products sold, along with profits from original goods, go towards the One Yen Eye Fund, which we use in our social contribution activities.

Raising Awareness of Eye Banks

To give eyesight back to as many people as possible, we engage in raising awareness of eye banks in Japan.

Classes for Eye Health

In order to cultivate abundant hearts in children for a better future, we hold three different types of classes that all relates to eye health.

Sports Support for the Disabled

As a company that supports eye health, we started supporting the marathon for the visually impaired. And now our support is expanding.

Supporting Facilities for the Disabled

Through the "One Yen Eye Fund," we continually support facilities for the disabled and work together with the residents to create original goods.

Hollyhock Project

Along with local residents, children, shools, and companies, we participate in reviving the green hollyhock flowers that have a long tradition in Kyoto.

Supporting Guide Dog Training

To enable more people to lead happy lives, we support the training of guide dogs, which eases the daily life of visually impaired people.

Supporting Orphanages

To support the dreams of these children, we spend time with them and go on daytrips to various fun places.

Japan-Finland Friendship Project

We hope to be the bridge between Finland and Japan, and we do many projects that bond our cultures.

Supporting the Visually Impaired

To help even more visually impaired people, we financially support facilities for them and cooperate with different projects.

Supporting Disaster Victims

To help the victims of Japan's numerous natural disaster, we do our very best to support them in many different ways.

Sports Promotion

To create a stage where women can pursue and realize their dreams, we created and support a professional baseball league for female players.

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