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Sports Promotion

Realizing the dreams of female baseball players.

In 2007, there were over 4000 high-school baseball clubs for boys in Japan, but only five for girls. Then, a national tournament for female high-school baseball players took place in Tamba, Hyogo — and it jolted our hearts. That's when the establishing of a professional league for women baseball players started to get traction.

At the time, female athletes and their supporters had gained little recognition. Their future hopes as baseball players were dim to say the least.


That's why we wanted to create a setting where female baseball players can pursue and realize their dreams, so in 2009 we gave birth to the Girls Professional Baseball League, which was later renamed Japan Women's Baseball League, or JWBL for short.


Since then, the number of female players, female baseball clubs in high schools and universities, and club teams have steadily increased and spread nation-wide.


Female ballplayers now tell us that their dream is to play in the Japan Women's Baseball League. It motivates us more than anything else and keeps us going.


From here on out, we will not stop with Japan, but also spread women's baseball throughout the world.


We at WAKASA SEIKATSU genuinely love baseball and keep on creating that setting where women who wish to continue playing baseball can do so and pursue their dreams.

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