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Sports Support for the Disabled

For 12 years since 2004, we co-sponsored "Kyoto Marathon for the Visually Impaired ".

Since 2017, we host “Kyoto FUREAI Blind Marathon” under the management of Kenichi Kakutani Foundation.


We support an environment where everyone can enjoy sports, such as not only marathon, but also low vision futsal, para-rowing and tandem bicycle.

Bonded together, run with all your might!

The Kyoto Marathon for the Visually Impaired started as a way to fulfill the following wish: "Just once in my lifetime I want to run on a public road with all my might."


In 2002, the marathon was in danger of ending. We stepped in and helped it keep going, and our support has continued for over ten years ever since.

In 2015, we put special effort into cooperating on the first Tohoku Marathon for the Visually Impaired in north-eastern Japan. Our goal was to create an event that you can easily participate in, and it was a success with 75 participants of all ages.


We have been fortunate to meet many runners and gotten feedback like "I want more people to know about this wonderful sport!" Visually impaired people are sometimes afraid to go out or feel that there aren't enough places to exercise. We are happy to have answered those worries.

Did You Know?

When running, a guide pairs up with the visually impaired runner, called the athlete. The guide holds one end of a rope, and the athlete holds on to the other.


That bond prevents dangerous situations. The guide communicates firmly in what direction to run, but also describes the scenery in words. That way the athlete feels secure and can run with all their might.

"Let's-Run Gatherings"

We also hold running sessions for beginners called "Let's-Run Gatherings".


These sessions are a way for the visually impaired to experience the fun of running and what it's like to do it by holding a rope and being led by a guide. They are also for those who feel that the threshold to participate in a running event is too high.

The sessions are an opportunity for guides as well to try out and practice what it's like to run with and lead another person.


We are happy to report that last year there was a person who first experienced running in our "Let's-Run Gatherings" and went on to participate in this year's marathon.


In this way — through our "Let's-Run Gatherings" — we wish to expand the marathon events one step at a time!

Dedicated to better health

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