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Supporting Orphanages

Cheering on children who work hard towards their dreams.

Not only we support orphanages monetarily, but we also support the children themselves, who are working hard towards their dreams, and help make their lives memorable.


Basically, we go out and have fun together.


Our first trip took place in the fall of 2005. We went out for a picnic and enjoyed some bowling.

The very next month Santa Claus from Finland came to Japan and visited the children.


The children also sometimes take part in our other social contribution activities, such as cheering on during the Kyoto Marathon for the Visually Impaired or a baseball match by the Japan Women's Baseball League.

Around every other month we do some fun activities with the children and take photos to never forget the great memories of us together.


Besides sports and picnics, other things we have done include graduation celebrations, sports days, charity musicals, and trips to amusement parks and man-made island resorts, like the Wakayama Marina City pictured below.

Dedicated to better health

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