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Why Choose WAKASA

No. 1 Market Share of Blueberry Supplements in Japan


We are proud to be the No.1 blueberry supplement manufacturing company in Japan, and to reach over 3.2 million households. We thank each one of our customers for what we have achieved.


The following points are why we are chosen and the reason we have confidence in our products.

​※Reference: H・B Foods Marketing Binran 2019, Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. 2017

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specific ingredients and open to new ide
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We keep improving our products 

We keep improving our products

Our policy is to keep on striving for the best. We are not satisfied by just making a product, but to continue to provide products that fulfills the needs of our customers as their lifestyle changes constantly. Our definition of “improving” is not just adding more health ingredients into one capsule or a tablet, but it is to be alert with the changes of our environment and adjust the formulas accordingly.


For our flagship product, BLUEBERRY-EYE, we have changed the formula according to what is needed at that time. Since we have started this company, we have made improvements with BLUEBERRY-EYE 18 times. We will continue to strive for the best, and will always be tuned in to the lifestyles of our customers.


February 2019.

April 1998.

Our pride in quality 

Our pride in quality

Our goal is to become No.1 for quality in the supplement industry.

We have established a branch office in Finland and check the quality of the ingredients with our own eyes every year. We have also established a way to assure the quality by checking the finished products with both machines and with our eyes, and by having a quality control department within our company. 


Not only we care about the process in which our products are made, but also how they are treated after they are made. Our ultimate goal is not making a large profit by mass production. It is to help people with health concerns as many as possible, and to make products that anyone could take without worrying about quality. We are strict with companies and medical institutions with how they handle our products, and we would say “no” if they don’t meet up our expectations for quality control.


Specific ingredients and open to new ideas

Specific ingredients and open to new ideas

As mentioned previously, we have pride in our products and that includes what kind of ingredients we use. For example, we particularly use the Nordic wild blueberries called “Bilberries” for our products. This is because bilberries contain approximately 5 times more of anthocyanin than any other blueberries.

※Converted to 100g of berries. Researched by WAKASA SEIKATSU Laboratory. 

the difference between bilberries and blueberries

We want to provide our customers with the very best, and we will not compromise to do so.


We are also open to new possibilities for ingredients. As we search for the best ingredients, we will sometimes come across ingredients that are not commonly known. For instance, resveratrol, a health ingredient used in anti-aging supplements, is usually extracted from grapes. However, as we have found lingonberries growing alongside with bilberries in the Nordic woods, we have learned that fresh lingonberries are rich in resveratrol even more than grapes. From this discovery, we have used resveratrol from lingonberries for our beauty products. 


Our double patent

Our double patent

As we have pride in our products and want to have our customers be able to have the full benefits from our supplements, we have done research and have obtained two patents.


One patent is the Nano-technology for bilberry extract (patent No. 4606444). We were successful to make the particles smaller, one millionth of a millimeter, without breaking the active ingredient, anthocyanin. By this technology, the absorbability of the active ingredient doubled. 

Another patent is the water-soluble lecithin capsule that we call "Revolutionary Capsule" (patent No. 5886457). This "revolutionary capsule" enabled the capsule to dissolve ten times faster than before. 

bilberry extract

nano-bilberry extract

We stand closely to our customers

We stand closely to our customers

As our motto is “everything we do, we do for our customers”, we listen closely to our customers with their opinions about our products and services to make improvements. Although we are a mail-order company, we regularly hold Tomo no kai gatherings, where we can interact directly with our customers, in order to have an even closer relationship with them, and to not stray away from their “customer’s view.” Our company exists and can continue because of our customers, and each and every voice form our customers matter to us.

Dedicated to better health

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